I write most of the posts ahead of time, and schedule them for release. I'll try to always release at 8:00 AM EST (5:00 AM, PST). Here's what's coming up in weeks to come.
DateWeek ofTitle
Sep. 21Rosh HashannahHow did Yom Teruah become Rosh Hashannah
Oct. 1Yom KippurDivine Rewards and Punishments
Oct. 6SukkotThe History of Sukkot
Oct. 13BereishitThe "Third" Story of Creation
Oct. 22NoachThe Table of Nations
Oct. 29Lech LechaMelchizedek: Priest of What Exactly
Nov. 5VayeraA Brief History of Ancient Circumcision
Nov. 12Chayei SarahThe Wanderings of the Patriarchs
Nov. 19ToldotThe Patriarchs in the Nevi'im
Nov. 26VayetzeEtiology
Dec. 3VayishlachPropaganda
Dec. 10VayeshevThe Story or Stories of Joseph and the Pit
Dec. 17Hannukah (Miketz)Why do we light Hannukah Candles?
Dec. 24VayigashThe Hyksos and the Jews
Dec. 31VayechiAbsence of Evidence
Jan. 7ShemotThe Baby in the Basket
Jan. 14Vaera"...and my Name YHWH I did not Make Known to Them."
Jan. 21BoThe Historicity of the Exodus
Jan. 28BeshalachThe Song of the Sea
Feb. 4YitroUsing Umberto Cassuto to Argue for non-Mosaic Authorship
Feb. 11MishpatimHammurabi's Code
Feb. 18TerumahThe Color Purple
Feb. 25TetzavehA Short Post about Underwear
Mar. 1PurimBonus Purim Post
Mar. 4Ki TisaThe Golden Calf
Mar. 11Vayakhel-PekkudeiThe "Original" Ten Commandments
Mar. 18VayikraWho's a Kohen?
Mar. 25TzavWhere to Sacrifice?
Apr. 1PesachNotes on the Seder
Apr. 8PesachThe Origins of Pesach
Apr. 15ShminiThe Stories of Shaul and David
Apr. 22Tazria-MetzorahThe Center of the Torah
Apr. 29Acharei-Mot KedoshimLove Your Neighbor (and other assorted laws)
May 6EmorBeauty is Only Skin Deep
May 13Behar-BehukotaiGod's Punishments Revisited
May 20BamidbarThe Population Problem of the Torah
May 27NassoRepetition
Jun 3Beha'alotchaCommunication With God
Jun 10ShelachThe Conquest of the Canaanite Nations
Jun 17KorachThe Rebellion of Korach
Jun 24ChukatThe Nechushtan
Jun 26BonusBonus Post: Homosexuality
Jul 1BalakBilam the Prophet
Jul 8PinchasMatrilineal Descent
Jul 15Matot-MaseiThe Wilderness
Jul 22DevarimThe Book of Devarim
Jul 29Va'etchananThe Modern Kuzari Argument
Aug 5EikevGenocide
Aug 12Re'eiHar Gerizim and Har Eval
Aug 19ShoftimEschatology
Aug 26Ki TeitzeiMisogyny part 1
Sep 2Ki TavoMisogyny part 2
Sep 9NitzavimLo Bashamayim Hi
Sep 16VayelechSlavery
Sep 22 Ha'azinuPolytheism to Henotheism to Monotheism
Sep 30Conclusion 1Why I don't believe in Judaism: A personal story
Oct 7Conclusion 2
Why I don't believe in Judaism: The divinity of the Torah
Oct 14Conclusion 3Why I don't believe in Judaism: What would it take?

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